Havis is a pretty nautical style restaurant beside the Helsinki harbour.


The interior is very elegant.


Havis Helsinki

I chose the Havis menu. You can have 3 or 4 courses. I decided on 3, leaving out the cheese course.

First came an amuse bouche. I can’t really tell what it was, but it was delicious.

Havis Helsinki

Mushroom soup followed and was also very good.

Havis Helsinki

I really like Arctic char, which was the reason I chose the menu. It was served with scallops, potatoes and fennel sauce.

Havis Helsinki

Dessert was sorbet with muesli and white chocolate served 3 ways…yum.

Havis Helsinki

Helsinki has many good restaurants to choose from…I would go back to Havis any day.

Winter games

Winter weather doesn’t keep tough Finns inside.

Here are some gentlemen enjoying an outdoor activity.



A certain white duck is creating quite a stir in Helsinki. He has been making an appearance with the coloured ducks in the waters of Tooloonlahti. They all seem to be getting along with each other.

Helsinki ducks

Helsinki ducks

Helsinki ducks

I feel lucky to have spotted him on a gorgeous winter day.

Market Square

One of the first places I go to when I arrive in Helsinki is Market Square, down by the harbour. There is almost always some activity there, whether it is a food market or an exhibit of some kind.

On my last visit I came upon a collection of lovely old cars out for the evening.

I will be back in Helsinki in just over a week. I hope to find something special in Market Square…perhaps covered with snow.

I visited beautiful Helsinki several times in 2015…it is always beautiful.

flying into Helsinki

naked blacksmiths

summer in Helsinki

Helsinki skies


Helsinki harbour

Winter garden

Nokka restaurant

I will return in February, I hope there will be snow.

I would love to be in Helsinki for a lovely cold Christmas. I’m not sure if snow has fallen yet, this year has been quite warm I think.

Anyway, here is a photo I took when there was snow on the stone men at the railway station.

Snow at Helsinki station


Have a very Merry Christmas wherever you are.


Sarpaneva watches

The very first Sarpaneva watches were made in the home of Stephan Sarpaneva, using a metal lathe in his kitchen. In 2003 he moved his workshop to the old cable factory by the Helsinki seaside.

Stephan Sarpaneva was born in 1970 to a Finnish family with a long heritage of craftsmanship. Son of jewellery designer Pentri Sarpaneva, and nephew to Finland’s renowned product designer Timo, it was perhaps inevitable that Stephan would grow into some sort of artist, or artisan.

Stephan likes to work in steel…and his watches are very special indeed.

My friends Jodie and Alan visited his workshop to show us some of the beautiful work.

All Sarpaneva watches are designed by Stephan himself…exceptional timepieces intended for exceptional people.

Stephan Sarpaneva



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