Sunday in Helsinki

Sunday turned out to be a perfect autumn day in Helsinki.  It was cool, but the sun was shining and the sky was blue.

I began my day in the lovely park beside the Vanha Kirkko, old church.

The rooftop at Stockmann. They say if you can’t get it at Stockmann you don’t need it.

The park in Esplanadi never disappoints.

Havis Amanda smiling as usual.

I took the ferry to Suomenlinna, the old military island in the harbour. These days it is a lovely green space where people love to walk and have lunch at one of the many pretty cafes and restaurants.

The old bunkers are a reminder of the island’s military past.

Back at the harbour the two headed eagle stands tall.

…and the flame on top of the Russian church shines in the sun.

Time for lunch at El Fant.

Tuomiokirkko is a must see on any visit to Helsinki.

The hanging baskets are still doing well.

The new library is a great place to spend some time.

There is an outdoor terrace which won’t be in use much longer…until next spring.

The harbour in the late afternoon.

See you in November Helsinki, maybe there will be snow.


Oodi wins library award

The fabulous Oodi library in Helsinki has won the Public Library of the Year Award.

Oodi was chosen from 16 newly built libraries around the world.

I am not surprised, it is a stunning building and the facilities are excellent.

Summer in Helsinki

Helsinki is a gorgeous city at any time, but in summer it really shines. We were lucky to enjoy perfect summer weather on our recent visit.

The iconic sites in Helsinki look fabulous under blue skies.


Toolonlahti was buzzing with life.

The white duck is still around.

Esplanadi was full of people enjoying the weather, the greenery and the flowers.


The harbour markets were busy and full of great things.

Thank you Helsinki for putting on a perfect summer visit.

Finland wins

The Stone Men are wearing blue to celebrate Finland’s win against Canada in the ice hockey world championship.

Thank you Jodie for sharing…kiitos means thank you.

Marimekko celebrated the beginning of the summer season with the annual fashion show in Helsinki’s Esplanade Park on Friday 17th May.

They got a gorgeous sunny day for the event. Their bright, colourful, easy to wear clothes are perfect for summer.

Thank you Jodie for taking the photos to share with us.


The new Helsinki Central Library Oodi opened on 5th December 2018 opposite the Finnish Parliament in the Toolonlahti district. It sits beside the Helsinki Music Centre and the Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art.

It is a stunning building flowing like a wave across the square.

Oodi Helsinki

Oodi Helsinki

Its 3 levels house a cafe, restaurant, public balcony, movie theatre, audio-visual recording studio and makerspace.

Oodi Helsinki

Oodi Helsinki

Oodi Helsinki

Oodi Helsinki

Oodi Helsinki

The open plan reading room, known as book heaven, takes up the entire top floor.

Oodi Helsinki


Oodi Helsinki

The residents of Helsinki are lucky to have such a beautiful space in the city.

Please take a look at the official site to see more.


Two young friends of mine from Brisbane have begun an adventure in Finland. Jodie and Allen have embarked on a new life in Helsinki.

Jodie has a connection with Finland. Her mother was born there and Jodie has been a regular visitor for most of her life. Allen has also enjoyed several trips to Finland and they both feel quite at home in this wonderful country.

They have already travelled widely in the country and will continue to explore when their new jobs permit.

You can follow their adventures on Instagram. Look for Together in Finland. Jodie is a whiz at organising explorations of Finland so leave a comment below if you are planning a visit.

Jodie and Allan in Finland

Finland is lucky to have them.