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Market Square is a fun place to be in summer. There are colourful stalls selling fresh produce and hand made items.

The wonderful open air pool is waiting nearby…what a fun thing to do in the city.


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One of the first places I go to when I arrive in Helsinki is Market Square, down by the harbour. There is almost always some activity there, whether it is a food market or an exhibit of some kind.

On my last visit I came upon a collection of lovely old cars out for the evening.

I will be back in Helsinki in just over a week. I hope to find something special in Market Square…perhaps covered with snow.

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Clever people in Helsinki have built a temporary one room hotel around Havis Amanda. The project was organised by the Helsinki Art Museum and the room sold out almost immediately.

For those not able to stay the night with Amanda, the hotel is open for visitors between 11.30 and 17.30 daily.

My friend Kirsi has been following the progress of the building of the hotel.

She joined the crowds waiting to see inside.


You really do get to be up close and personal with Amanda. I think she looks much smaller when you are beside her.




At least for a time she will be free of seagulls.



Go to Restaurant and Wine Epicure for another post on the Hotel Manta.

…and here for a great view of the hotel.












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Keisarinnankivi, the impressive red granite oblisk, topped with a gold plated, bronze globe on which sits the Imperial Russian symbol, the double headed eagle, keeps watch over Helsinki harbour in Market Square. It is Helsinki’s oldest monument.



Keisarinnankivi was unveiled on 18th December 1835 in honour of Aleksandra Feodorovna, wife of Russian Emperor Nicholas 1, to commemorate their visit to Helsinki 2 years earlier.

The globe and eagle were torn down by Russian sailors in 1917. The eagle was broken, but it was finally repaired and returned to the top of the obelisk in 1971.

On the chest of the eagle is the Lion of Finland.


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