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I spotted this beer bottle when I was beside the harbour at sunrise.


I can’t imagine how it got there…on the ice in the harbour.

It was still there the next day, but the ice was beginning to break up, so I think it probably sank soon after this photo was taken.


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I think Helsinki is a beautiful city at any time of the year. I grew up in a subtropical climate where the seasons are not much different from each other. I can’t decide which is my favourite season in Finland. Spring is gorgeous, with the beautiful colour, but I also love winter, particularly when there is snow.

Tuomiokirkko, Helsinki Cathedral in winter


the Cathedral was designed by Carl Engel

the frozen harbour

It looks cold!!

Esplanadi Park sits between Pohjoiesplanadi and Etalaesplanadi. It is always popular.

Johan Ludvig Runeberg, the national poet of Finland

Kappeli Ravintola (restaurant) is a great place to warm up in the Park. 

Kappeli Ravintola

Icicles on the lovely Art Nouveau building

I think they are beautiful

Kiosk Helsinki

the little Kioski is closed in winter

Helsinki is full of lovely sculpture. I came across this very cute moose on my wanderings.

the snowy moose

 I think he was in front of the Natural History Museum.

The central railways station in Helsinki was designed by Eliel Saarinen and inaugurated in 1919. The stone men sculpted by Emil Wikstrom are very impressive.

Helsinki stone men

the stone men

Don’t be afraid to visit Helsinki in the winter. It is beautiful!

Winter in Helsinki

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